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The packaging we manufacture can be divided into the following categories:
  1. Cans
    1.1 Cylindrical cans
    1.2 Cylindrical Boxes
  2. Pails
    2.1 Cylindrical pails with lever lids pushed into the ring
          2.1.1 Cylindrical pails, 153 mm in diameter
          2.1.2 Cylindrical pails, 176 mm in diameter
    2.2 Tulip type conical pails with lever lids pushed into the pail rings
    2.3 Conical pails with “Master” type lever lids
          2.3.1 Standard pails
          2.3.2 “Z” type pails (without roundings on the side wall)
    2.4 Conical pails with crown lids
    2.5 Conical pails with slip lids and lever locks
  3. Canisters
    3.1 Cylindrical canisters
    3.2 Conical canisters
  4. Two-component product kits
    4.1 Conical pail and canister placed on the pail with lever lock


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